5 Kejutan Tak Terduga di Java Jazz Festival 2016


For you who like  to listen to  jazz, certainly do not want to miss seeing your favorite musicians stage action at the Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2016. Now, before leaving, do not forget to rinse before using  mouthwas h best . Why? So that you can #SiapBanget to face many exciting surprises and things are not unexpected when you're enjoying this prestigious jazz festival.

A variety of exciting moments, this is not unexpected, would pass away or even become a disaster if not condition your mouth smelling odor. Hence, some of the  ways to overcome bad breath   ahead of the H must be done, ranging from the more diligent brush their teeth until gargling with  antiseptic mouthwash  at least twice a day. With a fresh breath, you will be more confident when facing five following situations:

  • Standing at the door to Musicians Favorite
    Things exciting than watching a music festival is able to enjoy the action stage, a variety of favorite musicians at once. More fun again, these musicians may really come to be spectators while on  break . So, do not be surprised if your favorite singer or musician suddenly standing next to you! If this happens, take this opportunity to ask for autographs or photos together, maybe even to chat singkat.Untuk it, you need to always be ready with a camera and of course fresh breath.


  • Requested Pose for Pictures Magazine

It's one of the reasons you must perform kece to JJF 2016. Who knows what media photographers were approached and asked you to pose for the purposes of their coverage? It often happens you know, because they usually also contains photographs of  the crowd  that came to an event. As a result, you can  nampang  in a magazine or  website  certain media. To that end, do not forget to rinse with  mouthwash best  before you go so that you may more freely show your best smile.


  • Called Up Stage

As part of the  gimmick  the show, there is often a lucky audience demanded up to the stage, for instance, are invited to play  games  or even sing together! If you are the chosen ones, do not be shy to enjoy this rare moment. As a preparation, in case you're super lucky this year, make sure you have regular oral hygiene and freshness of breath using  mouthwash  nice .


  • Meet with dating

Both had the same taste in music, could certainly make the moment  pedekate  become more fluent. Well, if suddenly met with a friend of a friend who you JJF appraiser in 2016, you would have to be  confident  to say hi and start a chat. Having healthy teeth and fresh breath that can certainly help increase confidence you. Who knows after this he wanted to have a meal and watch together all day!


  • Passed by the former

This one is clearly a moment in surprise and you might not expect. But yes like  how  else could finally see again? Although the time is not right and it could be make the atmosphere feel stiff, does not need to be brought feelings. Just stay cool . Sapa as needed with a smile, let it pass, and continued to enjoy the appearance of your idol jazz musician.

So, are you prepared to deal with unexpected things during JJF 2016? Make sure you are more confident to  mingle  at music festivals  happening  this, diligently taking care of teeth and mouth, ie by brushing teeth regularly, also gargle with  mouthwash teeth  LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea . The content of four  essential oils  in it, proven to kill 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath and plaque.

So that the result is more effective, choose a product  mouthwash best  that has been clinically tested and recognized association of dentistry in the world. Therefore, do not ever assume trivial in the care of teeth and mouth.