Cara Menjaga Kesehatan Gigi dan Mulut


What the heck, you're on the resolution of 2016? Do not forget, enter your healthy lifestyle into the list of resolutions this year, yes. Healthy resolution that not only has an ideal weight or athletic alone, dental and oral health is protected as well. With teeth and a healthy mouth, you better be ready to undergo daily activities. Who says  how to maintain dental health  was complicated? You can, filled with healthy resolution of this one easily, begins to change daily habits.

Brushing habits are taught from childhood, for example, have not been effective against the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar. In fact, brushing your teeth can only keep 25% of germs in the teeth and mouth. So that  oral health  is getting awake, you can begin to familiarize themselves to do these things:  

  • Consumption of Calcium

Milk, yogurt, and cheeses, including food sources high in calcium. So, you should eat more foods such as these, in order to help care for your teeth stay healthy.


  • Reduce Food Consumption Manis

You often eat sweets or  dessert ? This year, try deh reduce its consumption, because the sweets were more at risk of causing plaque and tartar. The reason, foods that contain lots of sugar more easily stuck between the teeth and gums. Sweet food scraps stuck to this, a long time can turn into plaque and tartar by bacteria in the mouth. So, after eating sweets or snack  dessert , you should immediately rinse with water. It's one of the tips to help reduce the formation of plaque on the teeth.


  • Flossing

How to maintain dental health  Another is to do the  flossing . To clean between the teeth by means  flossing , you need a special yarn which is usually called  dental floss . The trick, hold the  floss  with both hands, then position at one between the teeth. Move thread downward and upward slowly. Make  flossing  for all between the teeth, because the rest of the food that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush can be cleaned in this way.


  • gargle

There is one simple way that can help you maintain  oral health  effectively, namely disposable gargling  mouthwash . Each finished brushing, make it a habit to gargle using  mouthwash  like  LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea , for 30 seconds. In it contains  double flouride  and extracts of  green tea , which can help fight bacteria that cause dental plaque and form a protective coating on the teeth.

Do not forget, in addition to maintaining healthy teeth by means of brush and gargle with  mouthwash , you should also regularly consult a dentist. If you are diligent care, you do not need to be afraid anymore to go to the doctor.

Well, it turns maintaining dental health can also be started by doing this little habit, right? Let's realize your common resolutions by  way of maintaining healthy teeth  ! If the dental health care are still lazy, how can one be more confident to improve the career ladder and have a spouse?